Cardiac Pacing Product Downloads

Reocor External Pacemakers

Reocor D Quick Reference Guide
Reocor S Quick Reference Guide
Reocor D Technical Manual
Reocor S Technical Manual
Reocor D and S Cable Guide
Reocor D and S Information Sheet

Reusable Extension Cables

Reusable Extension Cables Cable Guide

Single Use Extension Cables

Single Use Extension Cables Cable Guide

Threshold Cables

Threshold Cables Cable Guide

Temporary Pacing Leads

Temporary Pacing Leads Dispomedica
Temporary Pacing Leads Hagmed

Myo-Pace Heart Wires

Myo-Pace Heart Wires Information Sheet

Interventional Product Downloads

Interventional Cardiology and Radiology Accessories

Interventional Cardiology and Radiology Accessories Information Sheet

Cobra Board Instructions of Use

Supraflex™ Drug Eluting Stent Flex Registry Results  

Non-Invasive Monitoring Product Downloads

CNAP Monitor 500

CNAP Monitor 500 Brochure
CNAP Monitor 500 Quick Manual
CNAP Monitor 500 Operator Manual


PhysioFlow Brochure

Task Force® Monitor

Task Force® Monitor Brochure

Interventional Oncology Product Downloads


Embolx Sniper Product Brochure
Embolx Sniper Quick Guide


EmboCept Coming soon…

Radiation Protection Product Downloads

ProGuard™ Gloves

XGUARD and FREEGUARD Gloves Information Sheet

Kenex Radiation and Imaging Accessories

Kenex Radiation and Imaging Accessories Brochure – Issue 30  

Xenolite™ Garments

Xenolite™ Garments Product Brochure
Xenolite™ Garments Fabric Colours

Xenolite Protective™ Eyewear

Xenolite Protective™ Eyewear Brochure


RADPAD Information Sheet

Garment Storage

Garment Storage Information Sheet