Mark Higgins

“I was advised to try your Xenolite garments by my colleagues in Radiography as they had been shown the Xenolite skirts and tops. I have a few staff with musculo-skeletal, shoulder, neck problems, who were unable to use the previous lead coats due to their weight and fit. When I saw the Xenolite coats I was instantly impressed by their weight and fit. The weight distribution, spreading the load between the hips and shoulders, was much better than the standard tabbard style we had been using.

As I run a large, busy Trauma Unit in Aberdeen I have been slowly replacing our existing coats with the lighter Xenolite models. All my Consultant Surgeons now have their own coats, mainly to avoid any problems before they occur. I have not had a single problem and will continue to replace my old coats with Xenolites when I can.”

Mark Higgins Senior Charge Nurse, Theatres, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary -Xenolite garment feedback
Dawn Lacey

“Frankie is always extremely willing to help us with our training.  She is very clear and recaps all sessions particularly well, which evaluates if learning has taken place and she then uses this to recap and clarify any uncertainties. ”

Dawn LaceyICU, Royal Liverpool University Hospital - Pacing training session feedback

“Happy to vouch for your product. I have been wearing Xenolite for 10 years and I can still walk!”

Dr Paul DasConsultant Interventional Cardiologist, North Wales Cardiac Centre