Reusable Patient Extension Cables


Reusable patient extension cables can be connected to most commercially available temporary cardiac pacemakers. Each cable is 2- 2.5 metres long and insulated with silicone rubber to permit the cable to withstand regular autoclaving. All connectors and terminals are colour coded for easy identification. ‘Universal’ connector and adaptor now released for use with shrouded pin terminals.


  • Compatible with most pacing catheters
  • ‘Universal’ and ‘standard’ connectors
  • ‘Atrium’ and ‘Ventricular’ labelled cables available
  • Autoclavable up to 25 times
  • Ferrite bead to reduce risk of EMI interference

Now available in several configurations to suit all types of external pacemaker connectors and pacing leads.

Contact APC for more information on the full range of Reusable Extension Cables.