Proguard Radiation Protection Garments

Proguard aprons are proudly hand-stitched in the USA with one collective mission: perfection. Our lightweight designs and ergonomic styles result from decades of manufacturing experience. Seamless finishes, clean stitching, and elegant curves make our aprons the best-in-industry. Fulfilling our commitment to high quality, our Proguard Aprons are made in the USA from locally sourced materials whenever possible. We follow the strict guidelines of the ISO Quality Management System and are approved to sell in major markets worldwide.

Find your perfect garment by choosing your core material from Standard Lead or Prolite option (16% lighter than lead) and customise your garment from our new wide range of fabric and trim colour options.

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Vest/Skirt Garments:

  • TRI-TAB Vest and Skirt
  • ESSENTIAL™ Vest and Skirt
  • BALANCE™ Vest and Skirt
  • ESSENTIAL™ Flexback Vest and Skirt

Full Wrap Garments:

  • Maternity Apron
  • Wrap-Around Flexback Maternity Apron
  • ESSENTIAL™ Wrap-Around Back Relief Apron
  • BALANCE™ Wrap-Around Back Relief Apron
  • Wrap-Around Flexback Apron

Frontal Aprons:

  • Back Relief Apron
  • Buck Apron
  • Flexback Apron
  • Surgical Drop Apron
  • Tie Apron
  • Urology Apron
  • Velcro Adjustable Apron

Thyroid Shields and Accessories:

  • Back support belt
  • Corset belt
  • Thyroid collar
  • Half apron
  • Shin shield
  • Gonad and Ovarian shields
  • Apron Sleeves
  • Scoliosis stole
  • Caps
  • Glasses
  • Apron racks

Fabric Colour Options:

Please see our radiation protection website for more information.