CNAP™ Monitor 500

State of the art Continuous Non-invasive Arterial Pressure

The CNAP™ Monitor 500 is a safe, precise, and easy-to-use stand-alone non-invasive blood pressure monitor enabling the continuous monitoring of blood pressure and pulse rate for up to 24 hours. With its fast and straightforward setup it provides physicians with comprehensive continuity in blood pressure information such as high fidelity blood pressure waveform, beat-to-beat blood pressure values and pulse rate.

The CNAP™ Monitor 500 offers CNAP™ measurement either as stand-alone device or in connection with existing patient monitoring equipment, and expands the usage of truly continuous blood pressure measurement to areas where it has not been previously available due to cost, complication, risk or environmental circumstances.

In its default setting, the CNAP™ Monitor 500 presents the physician with the following simultaneous information:

  • High fidelity blood pressure curve,
  • Beat-to-beat blood pressure values
  • Pulse rate and
  • Trend view of blood pressure and pulse rate.

Thus, the CNAP™ Monitor 500 helps to further improve patient monitoring by raising the quality of information through real time monitoring in combination with its ease of use and low cost of operation through reusable sensors.


  • CNAP™ – continuous non-invasive arterial pressure
  • High-fidelity blood pressure waveform
  • Real time systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure
  • Real time pulse rate
  • Integrated NBP for absolute accuracy
  • Pressure wave connector for use with existing patient monitors
  • Adjustable alarms
  • 8.4” colour anti-reflective screen
  • Easy to use click-wheel-guided user interface
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Rechargeable internal battery for up to two hours of CNAP™ operation
  • 24 hours data storage

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