Task Force® Touch CARDIO


Introducing the brand new innovative solution for advanced hemodynamic measuring and syncope management.

The Task Force® Touch CARDIO delivers a set of synchronized patient signals including blood pressure using CNAP®  dual finger sensors, wireless Bluetooth ECG for up to 12 channels, and gold standard upper arm blood pressure cuff for extremely accurate results.

The patient friendly system is non-invasive, continuous and fully synchronized, and is easy to use (set up and ready to run in just 90 seconds.)

The Task Force® Touch CARDIO can help clinician’s assess the reasoning to why a patient is suffering from syncope, and help diagnose quickly and effectively.


  • Easy reporting, wireless data export allows for integration into clinical or research environment
  • Advanced hemodynamics from your fingertips
  • 24” TOUCH screen tailored for smart user interaction
  • Smart cable management & accessory storage

Contact APC for more information on the Task Force® Touch CARDIO.