Single Use Extension Cables


The cables are 2 metres (200cm) long.

At the distal end, the cable terminates with;

  • Red and black individual screw collet terminals adjustable from 0 to 2mm.
  • An ABS box that supports two bushes where the polarity is indicated. The bushes incorporate a mechanism that, by means of a rotating element, varies the internal profile from 0 to 2mm (clockwise rotation to tighten or anticlockwise to enlarge).
  • Red and black individual touch proof connectors complying with EN60601-1, E-DIN 42802-2.
  • An ABS box that incorporates two touch proof connectors labelled with the polarity and complying with EN60601-1, E-DIN 42802-2.

Product Care:

  • Storage – The product must be stored in a suitable environment. The temperature and humidity limits are shown on its label.
  • Product Life – 4 years from the production date shown on the label, which also reports the traceability data.
  • Product Disposal – Waste coming from hospitals must be disposed of in accordance with regulations in force.

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