Myo-Pace Heart Wires


Myo-Pace heart wires are a range of myocardial heart wires designed specifically for use as a temporary cardiac pacing wire after open heart surgery.

The polyethylene insulation provides the smooth surface necessary to minimise tissue trauma both on placing and withdrawal of the heart wire, whilst the multifilament braided stainless steel wire construction ensures maximum flexibility and strength. Break-off needles are available to permit easy connection to the temporary cardiac pacemaker.

Heart wires are available in unipolar and bipolar formats, with various options for the shape and size of the thoracic needle, the myocardial needle, length of wire and the type of attachment.


  • Colour coded insulation
  • Break-off needles available
  • Stainless steel wire construction

Sternum Wires

Our range of sternotomy wires is specifically designed to facilitate sternum closure after cardiac or thoracic surgery.

The excellent quality of stainless steel and cut facilitates an easy penetration of the sternum, with minimal tissue trauma.

The monofilament stainless steel wire is extremely tear-resistant and flexible, to give optimal adaptation to the sternal contours and minimizing the risk of sternal wound dehiscence.

Sternotomy wires are packaged in a suitable dispenser, either straight packed or coiled.

They are available as single pack and multi-pack, to allow easy, rapid removal and excellent handling.

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