Temporary Pacing Leads


The SPIKE LC bipolar temporary pacing catheters are designed for reliable pacing and recording. The non-braided shaft and the internal solid core allows a precise control without excessive stiffness.  The range of the pre-shaped curves allow different solutions for positioning in the ventricle and atrium both through inferior and superior vena cava.

These TPLs are sterile, disposable, latex free and they are equipped with AISI stainless steel electrodes. SPIKE LC range is available from APC in 4, 5 and 6 French diameters and are equipped with touch proof 2 mm pins. The Spike LCN have 2 mm pins with protective caps.


  • Non-Braided shaft, a-traumatic.
  • Range of pre-shaped tips.
  • Shrouded and non-shrouded options are available
  • A range of tips are available upon request

Various electrode configurations, including balloon catheters, introducers, guide wires and kits are also available on request.

Contact APC for more information on the full range of Temporary Pacing Leads.