“We couldn’t be prouder of Team APC”

Along with the rest of the world, APC Cardiovascular has of course been affected by the Covid19 pandemic. For us, this meant furloughing the majority of the team, apart from a small number who remained working from home to keep operations going.

Although the period of furloughing can be quite unsettling, we encouraged everyone to stay active (both mentally and physically,) and do something to further their own personal development. And they have not disappointed us.

Our Clinical Application Specialist Josh signed up to volunteer as Administration for a UK study COVIDENCEUK, looking at the risk factors of lifestyle, and monitoring long term complications from the virus.

Steve, our Senior Clinical Sales Specialist signed up to a Convalescent Plasma Clinical Trial, having suffered with suspected Covid19 alongside his wife. He is hopeful that his participation could help others in a similar situation and is currently awaiting an Antibody test to confirm whether he has indeed has Covid19, before the plasma donation can commence.

Away from the clinical studies, our wonderful team have become NHS Volunteers, been shopping for those shielding or isolating, spent time with loved ones, taught their pets new tricks, and even hatched out new life in the form of baby chicks. Many of the team have enrolled and completed online training courses to develop their clinical, business, languages and even psychology skills.

Our Operations Manager Emily has put her crocheting skills to the test, and created bunting and poppies in celebration of VE day. Having recently moved to a new neighbourhood, Emily decided that the best way to meet, engage and support her community was to create and enjoy something positive in these testing times, and so is also baking cakes for neighbours as well as decorating the street, so they can enjoy together at a social distance.

We couldn’t be prouder of the way our team have conducted themselves over the last few weeks. They have demonstrated that not only are they clinical experts, but they are well rounded and supportive individuals, who go above and beyond for their friends, families, communities and country.

Thank you, and well done Team APC.