You’re standing by us, so we’ll stand by you

As the current Pandemic of Covid-19 seems to be rising to its peak, here at APC Cardiovascular we are awaiting updates along with the rest of the country. Our thoughts and thanks go out to all those who are working around the clock to treat thousands of patients, or those delivering critical support activities.

At APC, we recognise that several of our products are crucial to medical interventions, like our defibrillator pads, external pacemakers, heart wires and Aquadex Therapy for fluid management. That’s why we’re personally invested in continuing our business activities, to ensure this supply is maintained, and deliver the right equipment when you need it most.

Our efforts are focused mainly around our supply chain, and our team.

Our supply chain

We’ve been working incredibly closely alongside our suppliers over the last few weeks to ensure we have continuous supply of products. We always aim to carry approx. 2-3 months’ supply at any one time as a norm, in the event of increased demand or supply issues. Our manufacturers have assured us they are in a good position and hope not to be affected during these unprecedented times.

Our distribution network is continuing to prioritise our life saving products over non-essential items. Despite some obvious challenges with delivering at some hospitals, we are finding innovative ways to get the products you order directly to where you need them. We will continue to monitor the situation and discuss with you if there are any complications with a certain delivery address.

Our team

All staff are working remotely from home indefinitely. This is using a system we’re proud to have put in place, which enables all employees to continue with effective working, whilst supporting their physical health by maintaining social distance. Our phone lines are still open, emails are responded to quickly, and all queries and orders are actioned as promptly as possible.

As these are such testing times, we’re only too aware of the effects that isolation may have on employee mental health. That is why we’re leaning on technology to keep in touch with each other, through video calling, messaging and web chats. Our team stand by us, and we will stand by them.

Our promise

We are working hard to find new ways to support you, but if there’s something else we can do to help, please get in touch.

You’re standing by us, and we promise we’ll stand by you in whatever ways we can, whatever it takes.

Once again, we thank you for your continued commitment in tackling the illness, and we wish you a safe and healthy 2020.