Supporting Your Team and Ours

The challenges you’re facing on the front line with PPE and testing are only too well publicised, let alone the personal difficulties you’re facing every day, like isolating from your own families, and losing friends and colleagues to this horrible virus. Our thoughts and thanks go out to you all; you really are heroes to us.

We wanted to give you a brief update on how we’ve been approaching our supply chain, and what we’re doing to help our own team.

Our Supply Chain

Despite the obvious challenges, we have been able to maintain consistent supply of all our products, having worked incredibly closely with our manufacturers to ensure we are able to meet your demands.

Our distribution network continues to prioritise our live saving products over non-life critical items, and we have managed to resolve any challenges we’ve come across.

We will remain close to our supply chain to maintain continuation of supply into the future.

Our Team

Like the rest of the world, we are facing unprecedented times, but throughout the crisis, we have been determined to protect our team of dedicated employees to the best of our abilities. With a few exceptions, at the start of April we took the difficult decision to furlough most roles for the minimum 3 weeks.

The exceptions have allowed us to continue with “Business As Usual” (as “usual” as it can be in these uncertain times.) We have always been on hand to ensure customer requirements were met, to process orders, and ensure deliveries were successful. We hope our high service levels have continued throughout this period and thank the business continuation team (who persevered to work from home) for their dedication and efforts.

For those that were furloughed, we have actively engaged in supporting them, not only mentally, but developmentally as well, encouraging them to participate in training or further personal development.

Through regular catch ups, our team have told us they’ve volunteered as part of the NHS scheme, shopped for those who are shielding, continued with qualifications, enrolled on new courses and webinars, and generally put the time of furlough to good use.

We want to thank the team that were and continue to be temporarily furloughed and look forward to welcoming them back soon.

We are gradually re-introducing team members back into the business as we start to find a way through the crisis and develop new ways of working. The technology we have in place enables everybody to be able to work remotely from home, and this will continue until such a time that the Government advise otherwise.

As you begin to restart elective cases and get back to some form of “normality,” please let us know so that myself and the team can be on hand to support you. You can get in touch on 01606 331119 or email

Our promise

You’re standing by us, and we continue to stand by you in whatever ways we can, whatever it takes.

If there’s something we can do to help, please get in touch.

Once again, we thank you for your continued commitment in tackling the illness, and wish you a safe and healthy 2020.





Stephen Law-Lyons

Managing Director, APC Cardiovascular Ltd