#TheBodyWalk – Are You Ready To Take On A New Challenge?

This September, for Vascular Awareness Month, they are raising money by asking people to join in #thebodywalk. The aim is to walk 60,000 miles collectively (the same length if you lay all the arteries and capillaries out in one adult). There is no minimum distance; whether you decide to run, walk, cycle, or swim, every little bit of fundraising helps.

Why is this spread of awareness so vital?

The Circulation Foundation aims to raise awareness to help support those with a vascular disease that currently affects 40% of the population (most don’t know they have). Cardiovascular disease affects around 7 million people in the UK. It is a significant cause of disability and death as it is responsible for one in four premature deaths in the UK and accounts for the most significant gap in health life expectancy.

The Circulation Foundation is a charity that helps raise money to support patients and their families, raise awareness of vascular conditions, and support research. The charity is run by volunteers who conduct research and awareness programmes and rely on donations.

So if you are keen to take up a new challenge, please visit their fundraising website and sign up today.