We Continue To Be Here For You

As we enter the third National Lockdown, APC Cardiovascular are committed to ensuring our business activities allow you and your teams to access the crucial medical devices, PPE and equipment you need, when you need it most.

Training and Development to Serve You Better

To avoid disturbing your teams during these exceptional times, we will be utilising the government backed flexible Furlough Scheme, which will allow our team some time to develop, train and learn. From exploring new product uses, discovering new research papers, or developing technical skills, we are confident that the flexible furlough scheme will be put to good use and you will ultimately benefit from the improved knowledge gained within the team.

We have also delivered Mental Health First Aider training whilst on furlough, which we hope will enable us to support each other and the wider community, as we continue through these difficult times.

Staying at Home, Protecting Health Services

All our team have efficiently worked from home since March, and like the majority of the UK, we have become well versed in using remote communication methods to support our customers, internal teams, and key stakeholders such as suppliers. We will continue to deliver virtual training where possible, or discuss with you your specific requirements.

Continuation of Supply

Our supply chain remains operational and efficient, and our distribution network continues to prioritise our life saving products over non-life critical items. We will remain in close communication with our distribution and supplier partners to ensure you have the items you need, when you need them.

In 2020, we outsourced part of our operations function, which means we are in an even stronger position when it comes to delivering servicing, products, and quality customer service in a timely manner.

You’re Standing By Us

Rest assured, you’re standing by us, and we continue to stand by you in whatever ways we can, whatever it takes. If there’s something we can do to help, please get in touch.

The rainbow in our corporate logo shows our support for all the NHS and key workers who continue to guide us through this crisis. And once again, we thank you for your ongoing commitment in tackling Covid19, and wish you and your teams the very best for the coming months.