Suspension systems

Kenex suspension systems are in use worldwide and safely support numerous medical devices including; radiation protective shields, lamps, monitors, contrast injectors, video cameras and x-ray equipment control consoles, either alone or in combination. Customised solutions are also tailored to suit specific requirements.

X-ray shielding

This comprehensive range of x-ray shielding equipment significantly reduces secondary radiation exposure to staff during all applications. The installation of ceiling suspended lead acrylic or lead glass shields minimise dose to the head, lens of the eye and upper body, and importantly provide instant access to the patient in an emergency. Tableside mounted shields protect the lower body and extremities and when combined, provide a safe and effective zone of occupancy. Mobile over-table and alongside table versions are also available.

Operating lamps

Kenex modern ergonomic lamps create ideal examination and operating conditions, such as daylight characteristics, cool light technology with almost non-existent heat dispersion, faceted multi-lenses for even illumination, high contrast colour rendering for recognition of colour tones and controls to alter the light field size and intensity. LED MC models enable the colour temperature values to be altered to create a range of settings according to preference or application

Imaging accessories

Designed in collaboration with medical professionals to provide innovative solutions to diagnostic imaging needs. All have been manufactured and tested to ensure they properly assist in obtaining quick and accurate results with the minimum of concern to the patient.

Product information

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