5 Ways To Wellbeing

This Month, APC Cardiovascular took part in the “5 ways to wellbeing” in conjunction with our friends at Active Cheshire. We dedicated a day to different topics according to the Mind UK campaign, with some group activities and others being independent.

Monday gave us our chance to ‘Connect’. We challenged our colleagues to make a call to someone instead of sending an email, speak to someone new or ask how someone’s weekend was and actually listen to the reply. We started the day by asking in our team WhatsApp chat how everyone was feeling, particularly as some of the team were isolating on the hottest weekend of the year.

Tuesday’s task was to ‘Be Active’. Our team members went to the gym, went running, had a long bike ride, or simply just a short walk, anything to get moving and be active

Wednesday was the day to ‘Give,’ as people who report having a significant interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves happier. For instance, our team took time to order items online for isolating family, pay it forward in a supermarket, or took the time to ring a friend.  We also did a “Resilience in the “Workplace workshop with Roberta Pomponio from Active Cheshire Our Operations Manager was on a mission to raise money for Refuge who help women and children escape domestic abuse by participating in the 30-day Crochet challenge and has already hit her fundraising target (well done Emily!)

Thursday encouraged us to ‘Take Notice’ of the world around us, and so we started with a virtual session of relaxation yoga run by Janet from Cheshire Yoga and Fitness. Alongside this, others also went for walks without their phones and took in their surroundings. Others also chose to go for walks, noticing the nature around them, or sit out in their gardens and enjoy watching the birds.

Friday gave us a chance to ‘Learn’ as the continuation of learning helps with self-esteem and encourages social interaction. Our team joined a virtual cook-along with Hayley from Active Cheshire for a bake-along of a lemon sponge cake (yummy). Alongside baking, others also took this opportunity to expand their knowledge; some of our team learnt new techniques to keep fit in the gym, whereas another team member improved their Spanish.

We have loved our wellbeing week, especially ending with the naughty cake! Thank you to Active Cheshire for helping us organise; it’s been helpful to learn new skills and activities to help improve our mental and physical health. Also, a big thank you to our APC team, who entered the week enthusiastically and passionately.