Why pets in the workplace can prevent staff from feeling woof

This week we see the return of that cherished concession to non-human presence in the workplace: ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day.’ Hooray! The APC Cardiovascular team contains a high proportion of animal lovers with most of us owning at least one pet.  Not only that, we also have an office pooch who goes by the name of Casper. The downside is that his telephone manner is a bit on the ‘woof’ side!  Casper visits the Operations team every day to encourage us and assure us that he’s the only one leading a dog’s life. Many of our sales team have their own hairy friends, and some have dogs too, which, during those rare moments when they get to do some admin work at home, provide a sense of comradeship and reassurance that those pending orders are on the verge of completion.

Whilst there is a fun element to owning a pet, particularly one that’s had its menacing incisors removed, there are also considerable health benefits.  It has been scientifically proven that owning a pet reduces blood pressure, and at times of stress petting an animal has a calming influence. What effect all that tapping on the head has on Casper’s mental abilities is unknown. According to a report from the Harvard Medical School, this is known as the ‘pet effect’.  Dog owners are also linked to having lower cholesterol and triglyceride (a type of fat found in the blood).  It is believed that this is due to the regular exercise that dog-owners receive from walking their canine friends. Well, surprise, surprise!

Not only this, but pets in the workplace can also help staff overcome anxiety.  When you hit that mental block and frustration kicks in, rest assured a quick scruffle of those fluffy ears will help you de-stress and refocus. Really? Sorry – Really!

Office work is primarily sedentary, so having a sleek, honed like a greyhound, Casper in the office is a positive way to encourage staff to walk him, or be walked by him, during the lunch break, therefore improving the individual and collective cardiovascular health of the team. Don’t forget that, after all, we are APC Cardiovascular!

For our busy sales professionals who spend so much time on the road, a four legged colleague can help take away that feeling of isolation and aid a positive mindset.

It is also believed that allowing pets in the office assists recruitment of the finest talent and improves retention rates. Findings also suggest that where an owner/ line manager demonstrates a love for animals, reporting staff perceive it as reassuring in its suggestion that if he/she values a pet so highly, then prospects of being treated as a full-blown human being are greatly enhanced. This builds a positive bond between those on top and those underneath!

All in all, pets are a truly wonderful addition to our lives, whether at work or at home.  But remember, they are a huge responsibility relying on you for their entire life. You have a pet for a part of your life but they have you for the whole of theirs. How lucky are they! Make it memorable.