Xenolite Garments: Protecting You And The Environment

Did you know that over 150,000 lead X-ray aprons are disposed of every year? This adds up to over 1 million pounds of toxic lead metal waste across the globe.

Our partners at LiteTech are committed to making difference in the environment. The XENOLITE® garments provide an eco-friendly solution through having a fully integrated x-ray protection manufacturing process that allows them to have an in-house lab, research and development team, and engineers dedicated to producing Radiation Protection Garments that are Eco-Friendly.

This process has allowed the XENOLITE® garments to be the only kind on the market to be genuinely recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal. The XENOLITE® 300 (Strata+) A lead-free, lightweight, material featuring bi-layer radiation protection technology:

• Reprocessed to make new garments
• Recycled
• Discarded with no toxic leachates into landfill groundwater
• Incinerated with conventional solid waste without risk of toxic gases

They make this possible by complying with the EPA under RCPA regulations and European “WEEE” legislation. Due to this, they do not contain any amount of Phthalate plasticizers, Latex or Heavy metal-based rubber additives.

If you would like to go green with your eco-friendly XENOLITE® garment visit www.xrayaprons.co.uk



Xenolite Eco-Friendly