SenseWear Pro2 Armband Updated

Gain Insight into Your Patients’ Daily Physical Activity Lifestyles and Sleep Behaviours.

The Newly updated SenseWear® Armband now available Including SenseWear Professional Software 7.0 and the optional SenseWear® display:

The SenseWear Armband system acts as a versatile monitor allowing you to conveniently collect and analyze information about your patients in a free-living environment, allowing them to go about their normal daily activities. This metabolic and physical activity monitor can measure and quantify the levels and duration of real metabolic physical activity, steps, sleep, and lifestyle. This newly updated version of the SenseWear® Armband is much smaller, thinner and more comfortable to wear and has been designed with user friendliness in mind.

The SenseWear Professional software 7.0 application allows you to easily upload, analyze and share data recorded with the SenseWear Armband. You are able to quickly view and generate a PDF report including easy-to-read graphical presentations of your patients’ lifestyles, select specific time periods or events from the recorded period, zoom in and out, and select information you want to view in a report.

The (Optional) SenseWear® display is a convenient way for wearers of the SenseWear armband to see up to the minute information about their calories burned, steps taken, and physical activity duration.