Xenolite™ – Lightweight Radiation Protection Garments

Xenolite™ is a unique polymer based composite material developed by DuPont specially designed to offer full radiation protection with up to 30% reduction in weight, relieving back and shoulder stress when worn for long periods of time. 

Very flexible and durable, available in a variety of styles and colours that offer maximum support at various stress points, Xenolite™ garments are the ultimate in comfortable wear.

Xenolite™ is the most environmentally friendly protective material available, because it is 100% recyclable, removing disposal problems.

Vest/Skirt Aprons:

  • Original design
  • Weight relief
  • Elastic back saver

Full Wrap Aprons:

  • Tabbard style
  • Special procedure
  • Overwrap

Frontal Aprons:

  • Elastic tab
  • Back support
  • Adjustable weight
  • Quick drop
  • Shoulder release
  • Strap
  • Buckle

Thyroid Shields and Accessories:

  • Back support belt
  • Thyroid collar (available in velcro, buckle, or magnet)
  • Half apron
  • Humeral shield
  • Glasses
  • Leg shield
  • Apron racks

There have been a number of scientific papers written about Xenolite’s™ innovative weight saving technology. It has been tested and approved by government and private testing agencies in over 10 countries. The Xenolite Strata+ products conform to the stringent world standard IEC 61331-2014. They remain the lightest-weight x-ray aprons in the world offering full protection (mm Pb) even when subjected to more penetrating filtered beams at high kV’s.

In addition to all of the technical benefits of Xenolite™, the following features are also offered:

  • Shoulder pads are included in garments.
  • Garments are available in a complete range of lead equivalencies ranging from 0.25mmPb up to 0.70mmPb.
  • Garments are available in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large, or we can do bespoke made to measure garments for a surcharge. We will consult with you to assure a proper fit of your garment.
  • Specify male or female when ordering sizes.
  • Monograms and clear pockets are optional on all Xenolite™ products, for surcharge.

Please see our radiation protection website www.xrayaprons.co.uk for more information.