i30 Inflation Device


The i30 inflation device is used for the inflation of balloons and stents during angioplasty procedures, and to measure the pressure within the balloon.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed to ensure accurate inflation of interventional devices
  • Angled analogue gauge for better viewing of pressure readings
  • 5 ml of safety space intended to minimise air bubbles introduced into the balloon
  • Pressure up to 30 ATM (440 Psi)
  • 33cm extension tubing
  • 20 ml capacity
  • 3 way stopcock
  • Single use

Related products:

The i30 inflation device is the perfect tool for inflating The Supraflex™ sirolimus eluting stent, Flexinnium™ Bare Metal Stent and Wilma™ SC (Semi Compliant) PTCA dilation catheter.

Product information

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