Embolx Sniper


Introducing the new innovation in arterial embolization. Embolx Sniper offers a pressure-directed solution in the form of a balloon occlusion microcatheter.

The intricate technical design of the Sniper Balloon Occlusion Microcatheter allows for easy navigation through small complex vascular structures, providing enhanced reach to distal target sites.

Designed for arterial embolization procedures such as TAE, TACE, Y-90, AVM, PAE, AML and UFE.

  • Rigid Proximal Shaft – the steel braids and robust materials allow for optimal pushability.
  • Thin Wall Technology – exceptionally thin wall material, capable of holding 900 psi, allows for dual lumens and a larger inner lumen without compromising catheter size.
  • Occlusion Balloon – silicone balloon fits in a low profile pocket and remains flush after repeated use.
  • Atraumatic tip – all tip shapes are tapered for smooth entry and have radiopaque material for easy visualisation.
  • Available in Straight or K Tip – responsive one-to-one torqueability for navigating complex anatomy.
  • Flexible Distal Shaft – the combination of pliable material, steel braiding and hydrophilic coating maximises trackability.

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