Embolx Soldier® High Flow Microcatheter


The Soldier Microcatheter is designed with advanced technology, allowing you to have the highest level of performance of any microcatheter available.

The single lumen catheter has been designed to access small, tortuous vasculature. It is available in a variety of outer and inner diameters. Each configuration has a hydrophilic coating to provide lubricity for the navigation of vessels. The inner lumen is lined with lubricious PTFE to facilitate the movement of guidewires and other devices. The distal tip of the catheter is radiopaque to aid in visualization under fluoroscopy.

The High Flow Microcatheter is designed to be utilized in the blood vessels of the peripheral vasculature. It is available in two outer diameters, each with two lengths and two tip configurations. The K-Tip® has a 55° angle to support navigation into branch vessels.


  • A Fast Flow Rate At 1000 PSI
  • Best Embolic Compatibility
  • Exceptional Tracking
  • High Torquability
  • Curved tips
  • Largest Lumen
  • High-pressure Tolerance

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