Classic Sheath

Splittable Hemostatic Introducer System


Classic Sheath Splittable Hemostatic Introducer system has been the gold standard of pacemaker and defibrillator lead implants for over 17 years. The Classic Sheath line provides a robust valve to help reduce the risk of air embolism and bleedback. The sheath is scored for consistent peel away performance.


  • Wide variety of French sizes from 5F through to 12F
  • Pre-scored sheath ensures consistent peel-away performance
  • Reduces backbleeding and risk of air embolism
  • Smooth dilator transition reduces vein entry force
  • Enables hemostasis with its robust valve design
  • Monolithic and atraumatic guide wire offers consistent, predictable performance
  • Colour coded by French size for easy identification
  • Snap-fit dilator secures assembly for introduction

Product information

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