Carbon Dioxide Angiography – Cutting Risks

The use of traditional angiographic procedures requires the use of iodine-containing contrast media (ICM).  The use of ICM with patients suffering an existing, compromised renal function, increases the risk of severe nephropathy by around 25%. Patients with a known allergic reaction or intolerance to ICM may suffer serious effects to their health which, at the extreme, may prove fatal.  Add into this complex scenario, conditions which a patient may currently be suffering such as: hypertension, hypotension, diabetes and dehydration, then angiographic procedures using ICM present an even greater risk, particularly for someone who is suffering severe trauma through injury.

The Angiodroid CO2 injector completely eradicates these risks without compromising the quality of the angiogram imaging.  With its automatic CO2 injector, the Angiodroid offers optimal results whilst being safe and comfortable for the patient and to the health care professional administering / managing the dose.  The CO2 dose is precisely defined, and the injection pressure is constant during the procedure therefore obtaining high quality images due to complete vessel filling.  With the precise accuracy of volume and pressure, pain to the patient is virtually eliminated, enabling him or her to remain still, therefore avoiding image artifacts caused by bodily agitation.

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