APC Wellbeing week

APC Cardiovascular recently hosted our first Wellbeing Week of 2021, with support from our friends at Active Cheshire.

Taking place during April which is Stress Awareness Month, the 19th – 25th April 2021 saw APC Cardiovascular host a week of both team and independent activities, for colleagues to come together (albeit virtually) to support each other, and recognise the value of physical activity and promote wellbeing.

To encourage daily activity, we set everyone the task of doing just 30 minutes exercise every day. This could have been in the form of a dog walk, a yoga session, even cleaning the house if it increases your heart rate.  We asked everyone to share photos of their activities throughout the week on our Team Talk WhatsApp group, with the best photo judged by Active Cheshire to receive a prize!

On Tuesday we did one hour of Yoga with Janet Woodcock from Cheshire Yoga & Fitness. This included some “at the desk” stretches to enable us to keep active, even during a busy working day.

Wednesday saw us all set off on independent walks, tasked with enjoying nature and taking some good photos to share with the team.

Rounding off the week was Laughing Yoga with Sara Kay, Laughter Ambassador and Laughter Yoga Accredited Teacher. With no-one in the team having any experience of this activity previously, we went into it a little nervous, but soon realised how fun it can be once you let your inhibitions go. Definitely one to repeat in future!

We’d firstly like to thank Active Cheshire for arranging and supporting us with our Wellbeing Week.

And we’d also like to extend a huge thank you to our internal APC team, who threw themselves into the week with enthusiasm and dedication, despite a heavy workload. It’s taught us the importance of taking time out to prioritise our own physical and mental wellbeing, even when we’re busy.