APC Cardiovascular – As seen on TV

Like many people in the UK, we were gripped by the 2nd series of Operation Live broadcast on Channel 5 last week.  We would like to congratulate the amazing surgical teams at Royal London Hospital for performing the three life-changing and life-enhancing surgical procedures.

It never fails to astonish the team here at APC Cardiovascular of the magnificent work carried out day-in, day-out by utterly dedicated and highly skilled NHS staff!

It was a moment of great pride to listen to the commentary regarding Mr Arun Ranganathan and his surgical team as host, Nicky Campbell, discussed the qualities of the Xenolite protection garments, provided by APC Cardiovascular, as they carried out highly complex spinal surgery during the episode broadcast on Wednesday, 10th April.  It goes without saying, but demands repeating, that the complete protection of the surgical team throughout these procedures is of over-riding importance to us, and in order to achieve that goal we are committed to providing the finest radiation protection products available anywhere in the world.

To view the discussion that highlights the importance of the radiation protection products that we supply, skip to 1:23:00: https://www.my5.tv/operation-live/season-2/episode-2

APC Cardiovascular is also able to confirm that our COMFORTABLE, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE and LIGHTWEGHT Xenolite Strata+ Bilayer products are compliant to the new IEC 61331-1:2014 BBG* testing standard and the new EU regulation (EU 2016/425 [PPE]) which is mandatory after April 20th 2019.

To find out more about our radiation protection products please contact us on 01606 331119.  To view the complete range visit:  https://www.xrayaprons.co.uk/product-category/xenolite-strata-bilayer/

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Chloe, Daniel, and Ravia, the three patients who agreed to viewers joining them on their incredible journey, all the very best in their recovery.