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SenseWear® Armband

Metabolic and Physical Activity Monitor

The SenseWear Armband is a multi sensor body monitor that is worn on the tricep of the left arm. This newly updated Armband is smaller, thinner and now even more comfortable to wear. This extremely comfortable position does not obstruct normal daily life activities and allows continuous recording of physiological signals from the body such as skin temperature, dissipated heat from the body (heat flux), galvanic skin response and movement.

  • Small
  • Slim
  • Comfortable to wear while sleeping, exercising and simply going about daily routines
  • Designed with user-friendliness in mind
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Turns on automatically to eliminate any non-wear time
  • Can be worn 23 hours of the day
  • Battery Power: 5-7 days under steady use

SenseWear Pro2 Armband
SenseWear Pro2 Armband

The SenseWear Armband can measure and quantify the levels and duration of real metabolic physical activity, steps, sleep, and lifestyle. Regular exercise and physical activity continue to be one of the key factors in preventing chronic disease and promoting good health. Knowing how much activity and sleep your patients are getting can be difficult to understand without an objective measurement. Furthermore, physical activity is a good indicator of a person's overall mental and physical health and can change in response to prescription medications or behavioural interventions.

The SenseWear Armband is indispensable for daily Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) recordings in any setting, of any subject or patient, for short and long periods. It is ideal for use in departments of Nutrition, Diabetology, Endocrinology, Metabolic Diseases, Paediatrics, as well as Wellness Centres, Health and Fitness clubs, Sports Medicine etc.

It is also widely used in Pulmonary and Respiratory Care departments, Cardiology, Geriatrics and Gerontology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Occupational Medicine, Rehabilitation and Research applications. In fact anywhere it is required to track and monitor movement, physical activity, lifestyle, quality of life, behaviour, stress etc.

The SenseWear Armband monitors:

  • Motion: The Armband contains 3 accelerometers, devices that measures motion.
  • Steps: The Armband counts your steps, using the accelerometer to measure the distinct patterns created by walking and/or running.
  • Galvanic Skin Response: This measures the electrical conductivity of the skin, which changes in response to sweat and emotional stimuli.
  • Skin Temperature: A sensitive electronic thermometer measures the temperature of the skin.
  • Heat Flux: Measures the amount of heat dissipating from the body.

The Armband will hold up to 28 days of continuous data which you can download and analyze using SenseWear or SenseWear Professional Software 7.0.

The SenseWear Professional software 7.0 application allows you to easily upload, analyze and share data recorded with the SenseWear Armband:

  • Easily Export Data: export all recorded raw signals and derived data to other data analysis packages such as Excel or Matlab, for research applications or further analysis.
  • SenseWear PDF Report: quickly view and generate a PDF report including easy-to-read graphical presentations of your patients' lifestyles to share with them.
  • Quickly Analyze Data: in only a few seconds, upload the data from the Armband to view on your computer. Select specific time periods or events from the recorded period, view the results, zoom in and out, and select information you want to view in a report.

Measured parameters include:

  • Total energy expenditure (kcal/min)
  • Active energy expenditure (kcal/min)
  • METS
  • Total number of steps
  • Physical activity levels and duration
  • Sleep duration and efficiency
  • Lying down time
  • On/Off Body time

SenseWear Software 7.0

The SenseWear Software 7.0 is compatible with the Pro3 Armband as well as the new SenseWear Armband. It also has the ability to run both SenseWear 7.0 and previous versions of the software at the same time The SenseWear Software 7.0 accepts previously purchased license keys for Professional access and also includes metric measurements.

SenseWear Display (Optional)

The SenseWear® display is a convenient way for wearers of the SenseWear armband to see up to the minute information about their calories burned, steps taken, and physical activity duration.


  • View up to the minute calories burned, accurate steps taken and physical activity duration (PAD)
  • Track how many calories you burn for any activity using the “Trip”mode
  • Allows for patients to monitor their progress throughout the day and indicates in real time when goals have been met
  • Helps motivate patients towards activity goals allowing then to have a clearer picture of their lifestyles Provides immediate, up to the minute data on
  • Easy to use interface lets you view information for the current day and last 24 hours
  • Versatile attachment system for clip or watch style wearing
  • User replaceable battery
  • Backlight for reading in low light situations
  • Size – 40mm diameter, 13mm height
  • Weight – 28g

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