Task Force® Monitor


The world’s first non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring system capable of recording real time beat-to-beat blood pressure, ECG and cardiac output.

Syncopal episodes or ‘blackouts’ are very common, with half of the UK population experiencing it in their life time. Despite this many people are being misdiagnosed and causes left unidentified.

The Task Force Monitor can help clinician’s assess the reasoning to why a patient is suffering from these blackouts, and help diagnose. Using non-invasive methods and high quality sensors both the Task Force Monitor and CNAP are able to offer a method of syncope assessment.

Both pieces of equipment are easy to use with their pre-configured systems and integrated printers. Each monitor is equipped with a high resolution screen, ensuring that the readings displayed are easy to read by the clinicians.


  • Beat-to-beat blood pressure is recorded from the finger using the “vascular unloading technique”.
  • Oscillometric blood pressure is recorded from the opposite upper arm.
  • ICG and ECG signals are recorded from electrodes placed on the neck and thorax.
  • Analysis of hemodynamic parameters is displayed real time and on-line.

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